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If you suspect your spouse or partner of having an affair and cheating, you need to act on your instincts and suspicions, which may be unwarranted, but more often turn out to be correct. You deserve to find the truth for peace of mind and to get on with your life and if necessary, to gather evidence for future divorce proceedings. Divorces are extremely painful and can be very expensive. Each partner points fingers at the other as being most responsible for the break up and for compromising their children's welfare and future.

The opposing attorney will present evidence to the judge designed to influence his decision as to which partner is most responsible. The final decision of the judge will have long lasting and costly ramifications as to how much alimony is imposed or child support awarded, as well as the division of assets and property. The partner able to provide the most persuasive and irrefutable evidence to the court will have the best chance of influencing the judge's monetary decisions in their favor. This can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 20 year period.

Due to recent revisions to the Massachusetts Divorce and Adultery law, a person collecting alimony from a former spouse, while cohabitating and in a relationship with another person, may result in the recipient of that alimony having their payments reduced or terminated.  Stealth Investigations will gather the evidence required to confirm these relationships.


Divorce and separation is a very difficult, distressing, and complicated situation. The most important issue surrounding the breakup of a relationship should be the well being of the children. You may have knowledge of situations that endanger your child, but your testimony versus the other parent is typically not enough to ensure the desired placement of the child to your custody. .An investigator can be an impartial witness to conditions that might render a parent unfit including physical or mental abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, and exposing children to unsavory persons or unhealthy environments.

We will provide you with independent video/photographic evidence, witness statements, criminal records/background checks, and objective courtroom testimony to help you effectively protect your child.

In the event the father of your children is neglecting his legal responsibilities to pay child support or alimony, by falsely claiming he is unable to work for some reason, while he is in fact working, we will gather the evidence to expose his deception to the court. The irrefutable evidence of his employment, may result in a court order to honor his financial obligations to his family.

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