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Jim Cahill from Stealth Investigations is a very experienced Investigator. He greatly assisted us with an identity theft case in which he worked with Law Enforcement. Jim kept us up-to-date on our case from start to finish and we would highly recommend him to anyone needing a Private Investigator.

Ken S.


I contacted Stealth hoping they could help me clear my name and expose the false criminal charges lodged against me by a person I was acquainted with. Detective Cahill's relentless pursuit of the evidence of my innocence resulted in those false criminal charges being dropped by the court and my innocence of those charges proven. I am very grateful for the impressive efforts of this detective uncovering the evidence so crucial to my case, and exposing the lies and deception of my accuser. It was definitely a real plus having a retired state trooper as my investigator. If you are looking for exceptional results from a PI at a very fair cost Stealth is where you want to go. I highly recommend this agency.


I couldn't have hired a more dedicated, trustworthy and professional agency to perform My investigation. Over and above their expert surveillance skills, I was always made aware of what was in my best interest regarding money spent versus positive results. They exceeded My expectations in every way. I would hire them again without hesitation. Exceptional results, cost effectiveness and trust is what this agency gives their clients.



I have worked with Stealth Investigations, Jim Cahill, for over eight years. Mr. Cahill has worked as an investigator for all divorce and family law matters that I handle as an Attorney. The most impressive attributes to which Mr. Cahill possesses are his accuracy and consideration for his clients. Mr. Cahill will work continuously to get the job done and make sure it is done correctly. Client satisfaction is Mr. Cahill's top priority. Mr. Cahill is a compassionate private investigator and he will develop a strategy as to achieve the needs of his clients in a cost effective manner. He is cognitive of the financial resources of his clients and he is honest when directing a client on the best manner to proceed. Due to Mr. Cahill's training as a former Massachusetts State Police Sergeant he effectively and efficiently performs services for his clients. I would strongly recommend Mr. Cahill for your private investigation needs.

Attorney Massaro


This investigator conducted on investigation into the background of a person i was in a relationship with. The evidence he was able to uncover exposed this persons lies and deception, and confirmed my suspicions. I ended this relationship. High marks to Stealth investigations and i highly recommend them.



This detective performed an investigation involving adultery. The manner in which the detective was able to uncover the very incriminating evidence I needed for my later divorce was quite impressive, and the results much better than I had expected. When I first spoke with Mr. Cahill, I explained that due to my limited income the cost of the investigation was a major factor for me. He assured me he would substantially discount his fee to accommodate me. He kept his word and I was very grateful. I must admit I had heard about some bad experiences with detectives from friends of mine that had hired other investigators. I feel fortunate to have hired Stealth, and if you are looking for trust, fair pricing, and professionalism from a private detective this is who you want.



I had an amazing opportunity to work with the private detective James Cahill from the Stealth investigations.He was very professional and talented to help me collect evidence of my husband 's cheating.The pictures were very clear and accurate to what I was looking for.

It was very successful investigation that didn't require much time because these things can take a lot of wasted time with no results.

On top of his personable demeanor his rates are very low compared to his work , he really deserves more.

I strongly recommend him to any one who is desperate to catch a cheating spouse or get answers for any other situation of this sort.



Mr. Cahill has always done a professional and thorough investigation for each and every case that I have been involved with. Anyone I have referred to him have been more than pleased with the results of his investigations as well as the completeness of his reports. He is the only private investigator that I would recommend. Due to Mr. Cahill's experience he brings a level of expertise to his investigations that is unparalleled by any other investigator. He is discreet, always maintains confidentiality, and is the utmost professional.



I Hired this detective agency to perform n investigation of a personal nature. I was extremely satisfied with the results. The cost for their services was very reasonable and worth every cent. The investigator was very professional, sensitive to my concerns and discreet. I was impressed by the fact that this agency was the only one that I found on the internet to be accredited by the BBB, and I can se why. Awesome work! I would highly recommend this agency.



I hired Stealth Investigations to perform a criminal investigation for me and I was more than satisfied with the results. The manner in which the detective gathered the evidence I needed was very impressive, cost effective, and surpassed my expectations. I was referred to this agency by a family member that had successfully used them before and I was not disappointed in the results I got from them.

STEALTH is really the right name for this agency because the person that was being followed for quite some time never had any idea he was being followed

I found this agency to be very professional, trustworthy, and highly motivated to gather the evidence I needed. The results of the investigation has saved me a lot of future heartache. I give them the highest recommendation to anyone considering their services.

Dream 245


James was awesome! He was kind and empathetic and accomplished exactly the job that I needed, finding out about a long lost love. The information was a comfort and so worth his reasonable cost. The relationship is now "on" and I'm in a place I never expected to be. Thank you so much, James!!!



I hired this detective agency to conduct an investigation into a situation involving me ex-wife, whom I was forced to pay a significant amount of alimony to as a result of our divorce agreement. I recently discovered she was living with another guy, in the house I was still paying for, in violation of the divorce agreement and the divorce laws regarding alimony payments. The Stealth detectives were able to perform an investigation that resulted in my ex being exposed for living with this guy, in violation of the divorce agreement. My attorney presented the irrefutable evidence gathered by the detectives to the court, and my alimony payments were terminated, saving me a huge amount of money over a long period of time, and allowing me to get my life back. I highly recommend this detective agency.



I was involved in a nasty child custody battle with my ex-wife as a result of our divorce. I hired Stealth to perform surveillance on her to prove she was an unfit and irresponsible mother to have custody of our children. The results of that surveillance revealed my ex was having frequent parties at her residence going on all night with alot of drinking and drug activity, and leaving the kids alone on a few occasions to party with her friends. The investigation also revealed she was living with a guy that had a long criminal record and had served jail time, and not someone that should have been living with our children. The evidence I received from Stealth enabled my lawyer to petition the court and win legal custody of my children away from my ex. Im very grateful for Stealths exceptional work.

Jeff F.


I hired Stealth Investigations for personal services to perform an investigation and surveillance of my husband to confirm suspicions of infidelity. As a practicing Attorney in Boston, my Law firm has professionally employed numerous private investigators to assist with cases. However, after working with James Cahill, I am so impressed that my firm will be exclusively utilizing his services moving forward. Due to his extensive law enforcement knowledge and background, Mr. Cahill seamlessly and meticulously compiled the necessary evidence required for a favorable divorce outcome. I highly recommend this detective's expertise and services.

Julia M.


I hired Stealth Investigation because l had concerns about Infidelity in my marriage. After checking out the website and reading Mr. Cahill's career resume, which was very impressive, I decided to go forward with the investigation. After meeting with Mr. Cahill to discuss the process, he kept me informed of how it would be conducted. This was a difficult situation for me and Mr.Cahill handled this with compassion dignity and the utmost professionalism. He did the surveillance and put his best efforts into it and got me the best incriminating evidence, a clear video and close up pictures that I needed to move ahead with the divorce. Upon his skill as a detective he was very successful in getting this job done quickly with out a lot of wasted time. Because of that, he offered to refund some of my money back, that's unheard of, what a true testament of his honesty and integrity. Which I'm grateful to I highly recommend Stealth Investigation they did an exceptional job.

Maureen R.